Saturday, April 19, 2014

April Snow

The other morning even Zoe, our dog, didn't want to go out side. It was back to the white world and deep freeze.  J. had put the screen door up and Zoe just stood there and stared.

Even Zoe can't believe what she sees

Later that morning I noticed that the snow was melting on the roof, sliding and folding down upon itself,  making wavelets of snow.

snow folds on the roof

And just before dinner, making a tour of the garden to see how the young shoots of the perennials had survived this latest assault, I wandered over to the pond; frozen solid, again. Even the split in the ice was trying to heal and the ice was a dark pewter gleam.

the self healing ice


  1. Your winter is long as is our summer - it has been the most blissful Easter break - sleeveless dresses and t-shirts and shorts still - I hope Spring arrives for you soon; but am in no real hurry to slide in to the cool for us. But if we must, for your sake as the world turns, we shall! Love the wavelets of melting roof snow - at least it offers you gifts of beauty.

    1. It's warming up Fiona, the snow is almost gone and the frogs have started to sing even though the pond has only a foot of clear water around the circumference. Do you get snow or do you have just have cooler temps? So glad you Easter weekend was blissful.


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