Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Showers

The world is greening, the snowdrops almost finished and there are spots in the garden that are a small flood of electric blue as the scillas start to bloom. And though it is cool, well I'm finding it cold, and not a great time to work outside; the pleasures increase. The stark outlines of the land are giving way to the soft haze of budding everywhere, and the cool, wet day is perfect for growth.

drawing circles on the pond, 2014

and more circles, 2014

water patterns, 2014


  1. Excellent photos and beautiful words!

  2. Great shots of the rain. Isn't is fun to shoot?

    1. Thanks jennifer, love shooting in the rain, well soft gentle rain, the fact that I am still wearing my winter coat with a hood meant it wasn't dripping down my neck.


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