Saturday, April 5, 2014

Old Friends

Yesterday we were in Montreal picking up supplies and of course I needed paper so a trip to Au Papier Japonaise [link here] was on the agenda. It's always a treat to see Stan and Lorraine and I love the fact that I have been going to their store for  20+ years. They are  so knowledgable and each time I learn. Stan and I were reminiscing about a previous love affair of mine with one of their beautiful papers called gampi, a hand made paper, tissue thin but so strong, with a pearl like sheen to it. I used it extensively for a series of body castings I was doing about how our bodies tell stories, about taking off our armour and feeling vulnerable, and because I didn't remove the paper from the edge of the moulds they also suggested the light that surrounds us. These photos are scans from slides and I really should redo them…sometime.

The Heart of the Matter, 23.5 in H x 33 in W x 11 in D, gampi tissue, 1993

Surrender, 77 in H x 28.5 in W x 10.25 in D,  gampi tissue, 1993


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    1. Thanks so much Ravenna. They were an exciting time for me.

  2. Wonderfull and so fragile - love it.

    1. Thanks Inge, I really wanted that fragility as another way to illustrate our humanness…hmmm is that a word, but I think/hope you know what I mean.


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