Friday, April 25, 2014

Revisiting March 18

I have been wrestling with blogger "enhancing" my photos, to the point that really dark or really light photos were dreadful. Well thanks to a friend [thanks Altoon] who found out where you can turn off this auto enabled enhancing photos feature, I can finally post these; the first day when spring light was apparent. In our old house it's like a spotlight turned on, areas lit up that we hadn't seen for months, shadows in unexpected places, dust and cobwebs too. It's that time when you know the light has come back; actually it's probably the time when the light is most balanced with the dark. All that to say it makes for some dramatic shots.

light on the kitchen cupboards, March 18, 2014

light on the bookshelves, through the old glass, March 18, 2014

Instructions for turning off Auto Enhance : A  2 step process. Go the the Picasa album that holds the blog photos and it turns out that there's a little feature called "Auto Enhance" which you can turn off!! On the Picasa page of the blog photos there's an arrow at the top right which has a drop down menu; at the bottom of it is Auto Enhance and from it you can turn it off. It is set to normal as a default. 2. then go to this link and follow the instructions.


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    1. Thanks Ravenna, so glad Altoon found a fix for this, it was driving me nuts.

  2. How lovely these are! And thank you for that comment about Blogger 'enhancing' photos. It explains a lot. I will investigate further ...

    1. Thanks Charlton, I added the instructions to the bottom of the post to get rid of the auto enhance. Easy to do once you know.


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