Monday, October 31, 2016

Rebelles / Rebelles

Hoping to see you this Saturday, November 5, between 2 and 5 pm for the vernissage of the 3rd edition of Rebelles / Rebelles, where J. and I will join with 40 other artists at Galerie Art Plus in Sutton. Each artist is working in the same 9 x 9 in. format  and you will find a wide selection of small yet irresistible and affordable artworks.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


It took us 40 years to make our pilgrimage to Washington to see Robert Motherwells' Reconciliation Elegy, a work we both have longed to see in the flesh. Washington's museums are wonderful and spectular and free. And my favourite was the East Wing of The Museum of Art; an elegant space, beautifully curated, that made my heart sing. Below are some of my favourites.

Motherwell, Robert: American, 1915 - 1991. Reconciliation Elegy; 1978: acrylic on canvas: overall: 304.8 x 924.2 cm (120 x 363 7/8 in.

Donals Judd, Untitled, 1965, galvanized iron and plexiglass

James Turrell, Deep Sky, 1984, aquatints

Idris Khan, 2009 The Creation, chromogenic print [detail]

Morris Lewis, Beta Kappa, 1961, acrylic o canvas, detail. 

Michelangelo Pistoletto, Woman who points, 1982, silkscreen on polished stainless steel

Brice Marden, 1989-91, Cold Mountain 5 [Open], oil on canvas, detail

Fred Sandback, Untitled [Gray Corner Construction] 1968, detail

William Anastasi, 1966-2016, Issue, wall removal

William Anastasi, 1966-2016, Issue, wall removal, detail

Detail of wall treatment beside the escalator

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Golden Walk

Yesterday while visiting friends we walked part of their land. It was glorious; the light, the smell of fall with pine needles underfoot, leaves drifting down, milk weed blowing open its' pods, a golden blaze of glory.

Pine needles drifting down towards the pond, 2016

The pine needle path beside the pond, 2016

The dock covered with pine needles, 2016

and more golden light, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More Maquettes

I seem to be just a bit obsessed lately, now up to 57 of these maquettes. Distraction therapy from the American election?

Structure 15, 2016

Structure 20, 2016

Structure 22, 2016

Structure 33, 2016