Sunday, January 22, 2012

Light and Shadow

This year our very slanted and southern light is hiding more days that I wish. So that when it finally emerges one really pays attention to where it lands and the shapes it illuminates and hides. The exterior world of snow and the interior world of white walls make for a canvas waiting to be marked.

The sun's mark making


  1. Stunning! I love the simplicity of the tones of black and white...or maybe it's shades of gray. I'm imagining the photos rather large, displayed in a minimal gallery. Ahhh....

  2. These are strong images Liz - I too love the simplicity of the monochrome forms!

  3. I love the soft contrasts between light and shadow
    and the many shades of gray tones, great Liz!

  4. The tones, the ordinary that we sometimes fail to see,and the minimalistic approach all connect with me. Awesome, Liz!

  5. Ahhh Jennifer, wouldn't that be fun, always good to dream.

    Thanks Rosie, it's great to work in B/W for a change, makes me look in another way without the seductiveness of color.

    Thanks so much Ralf, with the palette outside so minimal, it seems time to pay attention to other things and I'm loving all these shades of gray.

    Matt, thanks so much, means a lot coming from you.


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