Friday, January 6, 2012

Loosening Up

The Expressive Drawing book is terrific. It's always interesting and especially informative when the teacher is good. And Steven is good. Also it makes me laugh. At one point he suggests that you approach the paper as if you were fencing. Well I haven't fenced in years but it sure is a different way to do it. What I like is that you are conscious of your body moving toward the surface in such an alert way. En garde, you say to yourself, moving forward and take a swipe, or a poke. Then retreat and look. React to the marks, advance, make some more marks. And so the dance goes on. Great way to loosen the mind and the body. Next time I will use acrylic black as the china ink is fun to fling about but dries to a dull black. And it drips. All over the place.

Day one


  1. this is so expressive Liz - seems like another book is calling me! Love the idea of fencing with the paper - I went to an experimental workshop a while back and we used all kinds of strange devices taped on to long sticks etc - it was such fun trying to control the strange drawing implements ! I'm looking forward to your next exercise!

  2. GREAT!!!! I love this concept. You've made some fab marks using this technique.

  3. Thanks Rosie, I think it's a great book, I seem to be channelling the abstract expressionists. They must have had a blast.

    Thanks Jo, I am loving the energy of the marks. There seems to be more direct expression on to the paper when my whole body is engaged.

    Thanks Leslie, it is so much fun!

  4. Liz, great stuff. I've watched some of Steven's video's and also ordered his book. I'm not feeling inspired and thought this plus my new computer might help. Your having way too much fun and I could use some of that. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

  5. Thanks so much Val, what a lovely compliment. I didn't know that Steven had done a video as well as the book, I am loving doing these drawings although I have tracked black paint, ink and charcoal through the whole house. I blame Steve as this way of working encourages me to get messy, a perfect fit for me. You are going to love your new computer, makes all the difference when you are not constantly watching a progress bar.


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