Monday, January 2, 2012

More Drawing with Light

Between fighting a cold and trying to get a short video edited for my cousin, I finished one of my new books. A Bigger Message, Conversations with David Hockney. I love his work and especially enjoy how he moves between mediums. His enthusiasm is contagious and his love of drawing permeates everything he does. I am ready to go to London and see his exhibition opening in a few weeks. [Note to self, buy lottery tickets.] If you haven't read his book Secret Knowledge I urge you to. It's fascinating and you will never look at painting quite the same way again. Meanwhile I keep taking photos of lights, mostly Christmas tree lights, but have moved on to car lights. At least, that's what I think this was. Mind you I don't think we have green lights on our car so maybe I better check again. A bit later. Nope, no green lights on our car.

Under the wing


  1. I have bought this book as a Christmas pressie to myself Liz and so pleased to hear how much you have enjoyed it - my copy hasn't arrived yet so am really looking forward to delving into it soon- I have long admired David Hockney and even attended the same art school in Leeds (not at the same time although a friend of mine did!) I was very happy he returned home to the UK and to his mother's house in Bridlington - I watched a lovely hour's TV programme on painting out in the landscape on the Yorkshire moors - so if you win the lottery and come to visit London do let me know it would be such fun to meet up! hope the cold soon abates! Lovely abstract light image

  2. Rosie, I look forward to hearing what you think of the book. John is reading it right now and loving it. Wouldn't it be fun to meet .. Maybe I'll splurge and buy a lottery ticket every week, see if that works/helps. London in Febuary or March sounds like heaven

  3. Hi Liz - I might have to wait a bit longer as the one that arrived is How Georgia became O'Keefe which was also on my wish list - maybe I'll just have to treat myself to another book very soon!! good luck with the lottery ticket!

  4. Thanks Rosie, as my darling reminded me....Liz you actually have to buy one. And Rosie, that's fun about How Georgia became O'Keekfe, I just started it last night.


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