Monday, January 30, 2012

And More Signs

Well, we didn't get quite the amount of snow I wanted but it was a start in the right direction. J. has a new way to shovel the driveway when the amounts are small, just keep driving the car over it and pack it down. Before he did that I got some more photos.
Tire track poem in 4 lines


  1. You can't see, but I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face. Love your vision! And your poetry.

  2. Yes Liz I can see you are heading in the right direction - whichever that is!!

  3. Beautiful grid. We don't need ink and paper anymore.

  4. Thanks Jennifer, so glad it made you smile, made me happy too as there are no spelling mistake....YES

    Hi Rosie, that's aways the problem ....which direction is it???please leave notes, explicit instructions even better.

    Thanks Eric, steamroller press coming up next? I suppose rubbings were some of the 1st prints, must say I am still way to attached to ink and paper but I'll take what ever I find.

  5. Straight ahead, change direction, backtrack a little, cross paths and continue - repeat several times!!


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