Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yea! Walking Zoe up the road the last 2 days has been a treat. The smell and feel of mud. Squishy, soft, smelling of earth and renewal; of spring. The edges of the ice are exposed, water eating away below, so that one can play their favorite children's game of jumping on the edge of the ice and hearing that satisfying crunch of a piece breaking off. Loved to do that as a kid and still love to.  Zoe comes home covered with grit and wet, a very happy dog. Even the tire tracks are beautiful lines on the dirt roads, though we tend to avoid the dirt roads to drive on for the next few weeks, as it can feel like driving in wet cement.
The many faces of mud


  1. the pictures have the air of abstract paintings.

  2. its all in the composition great photos,you must be still cold

  3. Yes, the compositions are wonderful Liz. I am impressed that you can find inspiration in cold slush and mud.

  4. > Annell, thank you for those kind words.

    > Ralf, I thinks so to, now if only I could paint, I think I will leave it up to you!

    > David, thanks and we are warming up, YEA! must say it's still an act of faith to think it will all be green and warm soon.

    > Hi Noela, Thanks, I don't think anyone who doesn't "enjoy" winter can possibly imagine what the coming of spring feels like, we all get quite giddy and age doesn't seen to change that.

    > Leslie, Thanks so much


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.