Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pressing On Or Should That Be Press On?

Whatever, that's what this time in the studio seems to be about. Almost finished this, almost finished that. But nothing finished. Gluing the covers for the book "Why I Paint", folding the pages and gluing the accordion pages, designing a logo and other material for a client, redesigning my web site. Bit and pieces scattered about. In the midst of my chaos JB paints. Mind you last weekend there was a lot of banging and thumping coming from his studio which is normally a silent and luminous space. Grinning like a 6 year old he gleefully told me he had solved the problem of how to paint a dusty window in his latest painting. Take the bag of dirt out of the vacuum cleaner, throw it at an old window I had lying about, spray it with fixative, place it leaning against one of his north windows and voila. Now he can see what he needs to paint. Gotta love a man who comes up with ideas like that. On the mud front one tiny detail escaped my mind. Zoe's bliss at racing through the mud means the kitchen floor has a lot of paw prints, however I have decided they are beautiful and her way of making marks. Why should JB and I have all the fun.
Zoe's work


  1. Yes, I loved that! Where can I see more of your work? Do you have a website? I did see some bird and next paintings didn't I. I wanted to see them again. But I've lost them.

  2. "Forge on" while pressing!!!

  3. > Hi Annell, thanks so much, and you can see more of my work at or on FB at

    the crow series is on FB

    > Hi Sharon, I like your comment so I'll Forge on" while pressing!!! Thanks.


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