Friday, March 11, 2011


Something really interesting happened yesterday. I was working on updating my web-site and taking a break went on to Facebook, where my niece Alice had posted a wonderful, dark animation about Ravens. [You can see it here] The next post that came in was also about crows [first cousins I presume], and then another photo of crows. Serendipity, synchronicity, whatever it's called it was something to take notice of. Got me thinking too, about a series of crows I did and how I love these funny, smart and vastly entertaining birds. We have 3 old crows that stand guard over us, actually or probably, waiting for the compost to be put out.

P.S. oops, forgot the link to Alice's website, besides being a favourite she is a wonderful artist, and here is the link to see the rest of my crow series [don't think you have to join FB as this is a public page]

Variations, 2003


  1. Stunning Liz! Moody, evocative and wise it seems to me. Love the triptych and shall now go investigate those other bits.

  2. Thanks so much Fiona, really glad you like the crows as I call them, but keep forgetting they really are grackles! Were you able to see the rest of the series on FB or do they make you join?


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