Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Skiers

Well there are a lot of happy skiers around Sutton this week. Apparently we just had the 5th biggest snowfall ever. Shall we say the weather has been interesting the last few days. Saturday I took the shots of the wonderful icicle; Sunday, the rain drops; yesterday we shovelled and shovelled, and today the snow is full of diamonds and pink light. The bottom photo shows my Richard Serra path, now over my head, while the photo beside it are the table and chairs outside the kitchen door. It could be a while before we sit there.    
Saturday and Sunday
Tuesday morning 


  1. Thats amazing Liz
    Beautiful photos ,stay warm

  2. Hi David, thanks so much, strong sun and blue shies and much warmer, so we are really hoping the snow melts of the roof instead of sliding off which would mean we have to shovel out the windows! Take care.


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