Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Splash of Red

Watching the birds at the feeder yesterday morning I noticed that some of the chickadees were sporting a new color, a stripe of red had appeared on their heads and a red breastplate had appeared on their chests. Either the cardinal, whom we see infrequently, had been up to something or the guys were getting ready for spring courting. Even the doves were getting into the act wearing black polka dot on their chests. Must say they look adorable and I am pleased to report my lone dove has found a mate. Hello, spring is coming.
red breastplate, red stripe and black polkadots


  1. Spring for sure is around the corner, you are sensing it and your brush stroke sampler is full of it!

  2. Liz--wonderful to see the transformation from chickadee in space to its vivid red essence on the page. Lovely.

  3. And the orange of the Flicker's wings as they fly off....

  4. Can't beat a splash of vibrant red to lift your spirits. Definitely gives a sense that something is about to happen! Lesley

  5. > Anna, It sure is, and I can hardly wait, I keep dreaming of hearing the peepers, just a few more weeks.

    > Hi Hannah, thanks, was hoping that wonderful flash of red would work.

    > Leslie Avon Miller, love the orange and there is another little brown bird [nuthatch?] with a splotch of sour yellow on his head.Wonderful

    >Leslie, aka Printed Material, wow , how often does that happen, 2 Leslie's in a row, Leslie is not that common a name and one of my sisters is Leslie. I agree about the splash of red, maybe why that is why spring is so powerful a time, it's all about promise and possibility.


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