Friday, March 4, 2011

Very Tiny Letters and Boxes

A few weeks ago I showed you the first of my "Letter a Week" alphabet. I soon realized I had to make all the letter in one go otherwise I couldn't remember how I had done them. Ah duh.. so, as they say, I pressed on. Got all the letters done, then had to figure out how to display them. For some reason I wanted them on one sheet of paper, which I knew could be cut and folded, so after some experimentation came up with a plan. Ops, forgot a letter [in my next life I am going to be able to spell, PLEASE], finally printed on heavy paper and folded. Another problem, the white of the paper shows at the folds, no problem paint it; white paper shows up on all the cut edges, no problem paint the edges. By this time I figured I needed another solution. Print on coloured paper. That works, but by now I realize the letters are the wrong size. They need to be 5 cm. and me, not reading the directions thoroughly, have made them 5 in. Re print, all is good. Now I want to make a box for these tiny letter to live in. Wrestle with that as I realize a 5.5 cm box is seriously tiny and I have large hands. So this is where I am; and about to attach tiny covers to the tiny letters to make a tiny book that may or may not live inside a tiny portfolio. Wish me luck and good gluing.
     Tiny letters in a tiny box                                    


  1. exceptionally well done and superbly housed/packaged!

  2. These letters are wonderful and you make me laugh! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Anna, Thank you so very much, I am honoured by your comment, so glad you like it.

    jgr, Glad you laughed with me, spent most of Wednesday with my fingers glued together, there has to be a glue out there which is archival, bonds quickly, doesn't drip or bleed and really is just perfect. Thanks

  4. Amazing Liz! The finished piece just sparkles with precision and beauty. I'm curious--what medium did you use to print the letters onto the paper?

  5. Liz, these are great and the box is perfect - colours work so well. You have put all of us ALAW procrastinators to shame. Did you use supa glue - ugh - I'll give you Fiona's hint - she just uses double sided tape!!

  6. Hi Hannah, thanks so very much for your lovely comment, and as for how I printed, I scanned the letters, played with them in photoshop and then printed on my big epson printer which uses archival inks and can take weird papers and sizes.

    Hi Noela, thanks so much, but really the only reason I have to do things in one go is because I keep forgetting how I did things, what did you say your name was?...see what I mean. And thanks so much for the glue tip via Fiona


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