Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where Things Start

Last fall a friend was renovating her house and while the fellows taping and filling in the joints of the gyproc were working I took these photos. The men were making the most beautiful marks and patterns on the walls. Something I had previously overlooked. I loved the subtle color, the white on white as the filler dried. All would be covered over and lost when the walls were painted. These photos became the source material for the book "Why I Paint". As I put together the last book in my tiny edition edition of 5, it's  a pleasure to revisit where it all started.
Plaster marks


  1. wonderful compilation Liz!
    nice reduced color and great transparency

  2. Stunning and subtle Liz - I love how we see the marks within an ordinary process producing such beauty. The grid presentation makes them sing even more - thank you.

  3. Hi Ralf, thanks for the lovely compliment, must say I love these blobs of plaster.

    Hi Fiona, Thank-you, These beautiful marks have been painted over, I am so glad to have a record of them. Maybe the next big thing in home decor will be to leave the joints exposed. Not great for the paint companies but beautiful in another way.


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