Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Need For A Grid

I have been missing making grids and so when the electricity went out yesterday and the house got colder and the windows got frostier and I was taking a lot of photos while we waited to get back on grid, that metaphorical light bulb went off. Well here is the result. Power went off again last night, but as I was reading a seed catalogue in bed [if you had ever told me I would lie in bed reading seed catalogues with utter pleasure, I would have thought you were nuts] I just turned over and dreamed of grids.


  1. Oh, I do love frost photos! These are really lovely Liz!

  2. After our bout in October with no power for 8 days, I feel for you. And hope you have a fireplace or something for those powerless times...especially given that your temps are way lower than ours were then.

    The photos are breathtaking.

  3. the images you've taken work really well in a grid - I've just been experimenting with grids for the details I am taking of my 'man in boat' painting - taking them from different angles and light conditions - the grid is perfect for this - I use photobucket - what do you use to make grids Liz? hope you've got your power back - thank goodness for duvets!! Going to sleep with a seed catalogue sounds like it might encourage some lovely dreams!

  4. I always thought your grids are wonderful.. you can get in so much imagery-- similar and related but each grid is different too..great idea.

  5. Oh, you go grid-girl! Lovely to see the grids again - and stunning frozen flakes...

  6. Thanks so much Beverly, old windows make great frost.

    Thanks Jennifer, I loathe loosing power in the winter, I seem to have misplaced my pioneering spirit. Not sure I love this dependancy, I feel so vulnerable when it goes out.

    Thanks Rosie, I made a grid in Photoshop, it's great because of the layers so I can move things about if the design isn't working. Duvets, my darling, my dog and seed catalogues are my idea of heaven, JB is not to fond of the dog on the bed but it was cold. The socks were an added touch.

    Thanks Donna, I love how the grid gives a certain kind of order and balance to the images. Something that seems to escape me at times, so I'll take it where I can.

    Fiona, love the gird girl, think I'll use it, new blog coming up.. thanks


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