Thursday, January 12, 2012


I noticed a wonderful thing yesterday, well it thrilled me. I have been taking a lot of photos of tire tracks in the snow [great patterns], the yellow marks to indicate parking spaces and direction, and highway lines, [I have a thing for highways, see Spirit Highways, link here] all the while trying to get at least 2 Expressive Drawings done each day. Well the crossover or overlapping from one to another surprised me, gladdened me also. I love it when one part of my work informs another.

#11, drawing, 2012


  1. #11 drawing is FANTASTIC!!! I love it!

  2. Amazing spirit highways Liz - and the latest images seem to really explore further the subject matter - I have just received the book Expressive Drawing and can't wait to get started next week - all down to you and your enthusiasm for the book I hasten to add

  3. I like that you take photos of tyre tracks in the snow and the lovely overlapping lines they make - makes me feel less alone! And then what a beautiful overlap with the drawing! How cool! Synchronicity, serendipity - it's all good.

  4. Anna, Thank-you , you are a darling and have great taste and discernment.

    Rosie, you will have a blast with the drawings, remember the fun you had at that workshop, think this is more of that flavour.

    Fiona, I am so glad that you take pics of tire tracks too, it's nice not to be alone in some of my obsessions. We had snow yesterday and a lot of wind so today the snow drifts are calling, so beautiful.


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