Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Moon Light

Sunday night was perhaps one of the most beautiful walks J. and I can ever remember and we have been walking the same road night after night with whichever canine companion is gracing our lives. Snow had fallen, big sofa sized flakes, and the skies had cleared. The moon was full and so bright that the snow was glinting and gleaming. If you watched the snow it was like being in a disco ball from the 60's. Mesmerizing. Not to be outdone the moon was surrounded by not one but two nimbus. Mmmn, plural, should that be nimbuses? A lovely omen to start our 35th year.


  1. What an amazing shot of the moon! Thanks for sharing it. 35 years? Happy anniversary!

  2. Liz and John, Happy 35th. Yours was the happiest wedding I have ever attended. Such love was and celebrated that day. I remember the late night walk I took . The shning stars and the glittering snow reflected the love and happiness that you shared with us all. Love Walshie

  3. Thanks Jennifer, yup, 35 years, amazing when I am only 29, must have been a child bride.

    Thanks Walshie, we did have fun didn't we. I remember how beautiful you looked, and how you and Sheila 'Frenched' the bed. I remember dancing the evening away, probably the last time John danced. I remember JB carrying me over the threshold which was pretty funny considering we had been living together for 5 years. And I especially remember being surrounded by good friends and family and lots of love.


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