Monday, January 16, 2012

Mercury Falling

To say it's cold out these past few days seems a bit of an understatement. Well it is January and it is winter and it's minus 27 Celsius or minus 20 Fahrenheit and all I want is to be rolled up in a blanket in front of the fire place, reading, of all things a book of essays called  Winter, by Adam Gopnik. And looking at the frost on the windows, and so grateful to be able to enjoy winter from inside when it's this cold. Even Zoe has decided short walks are fine. Thank-you Zoe.

Frost on the windows asthe mercury falls


  1. Stunning image Liz - I can't imagine that degree of cold - stay cosy and warm indoors!

  2. You realise Liz that the idea of -27C totally does my head in right? That must be soooo cold. Like you I'd like watching it from inside...stay warm!

  3. I can't imagine temps that toes tingle with cold just considering it. Hope you're inside all snuggly and warm. The photo, as always, is fantastic.

  4. Thanks Rosie, the January cold snap doesn't usually last for long and you just kind of plan your life around it. Loosing power is the pitts, makes you feel very vulnerable, thank god I am not a pioneer.

    Fiona, I with you, safe and warm inside, no sense of adventure at all to go exploring at these temps.

    Thanks jennifer, I have a wonderful pair of boots, we call them the clunkers, at least my toes are warm! No elegant but warm.


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