Friday, January 20, 2012

Tangled Letters

I had thought, an assumption I now realize, that cutting the letters [For the Helvetica Variations] with the laser [Charm City Laser] would result in the negative and positive spaces releasing easily. In fact I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to document the process. As it turns out it is a time consuming job. Tweezers are vital, [thanks for the tip Will]  I get covered with soot and I may have to revise my estimated time of arrival. The positive shape works well but next time I would give more space in the negative, and use much heavier paper.
Tangled letters, positive shapes
Letters with the burn mark from the laser
Open magazine with bits and pieces of the negative shape floating about, The space between F and G is particularly problematic
Will sent me this link, love the work,
 by Ebon Heath


  1. what an interesting project...I can see that one would discover things as one moves down the alphabet.

  2. Fascinating that you are attempting this on paper - I did some laser cutting last year on thin plywood - at least the technology guys did it for me on one of there super duper machines! It was complicated to get your head around how the negative and positive worked - I ended up with lots of bits like a jigsaw puzzle in a bag - I then glued them on a thin plywood backing and used them to blind emboss my artist book on Failure - I was pleased with the result but it took a lot of time! Hope it works out for you too Liz - that magazine cover is great and going to have a look at the website now

  3. Hi Leslie, it's great what one discovers and where it leads, at some piont I will have ti say it's finished. The most frustrating part is I still spell so badly that I forget letters in the alphabet so now I count how many on on the page!

    Thanks Rosie, that was one of the part I just loved doing and while the negative space in one part needed a stronger bridge, I am having the design cut from steel so may be it will be strong enough that way. Will sent me it cut from thin plywood, which is terrific, but I really wanted it from paper. I know what I need to fix for the next time. Thought of embossing paper with it, just haven't had the time.


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