Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not Resolutions But Wants

I gave up making New Years' resolutions a few years ago. I never kept them and was always trying to impose upon myself a better Liz. Totally depressing. Instead I make a mental list of the things I want to do more of, things I want to explore, and because; mostly, my time is mine, it more interesting to see where I actually put my energy, or maybe closer to the truth where the energy leads me. Just before Christmas I ordered a book a FB friend, Steven Aimone [see his work here], had written called Expressive Drawing [link here]. It looks great. Then came the X-mas chaos and it languished, only to resurface yesterday. Between that and the David Hockney book I am wanting to explore drawing, or mark making, or just pushing a pencil or pen or anything else that comes to mind, across the paper. Or in this case light in front of a camera.


  1. "Expressive drawing" is a great book. I worked with it for myself as well with workshop students.
    And you already started with the light drawings!

  2. this book is on my wish list (maybe next Xmas!0 - I am using Drawing Projects at the moment - great images Liz - I use the word intention rather than resolution because it sounds much freer to me - something I intend to do because I want to! I like explorations too!

  3. Forgot to thank you for your book list on the side bar - some undiscovered treasures here for me!

  4. Liz, your light compositions are wonderful!
    They remind me of that famous photograph of Picasso "drawing" in midair with a lighter(?).
    I am all for wants than resolutions... Good luck in achieving all your dream wants in the new year!

  5. I love this series Liz - all stunning. And I agree re no resolutions - they seem like a recipe to beat yourself up to me! I have dreams and wishes for the new year - things I hope to do and achieve. Best wishes with your wants...

  6. Thanks Eric, I am loving it, think seeing the "drawings" in the lights made me want to do more on paper.

    Rosie,the book is on sale at the moment, love books when they go on sale. My greedy nature come to the forefront . A girl can never have to many books. I like your use of intention or dream, anything but the dreaded RESOLUTION.

    Thanks Anna, Love that photo, thanks for reminding me of it. I have a day-glo wand that I want to play with. And thanks so much for the good wishes, ditto to you.

    Fiona, thanks-you and wishing all your dreams and wishes come true. The way that sentence was going we are all going out side to wish on stars!


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