Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's Snowing

Yea, this is what we saw when we opened the door last night to take Zoe for her walk. Quiet, snow covering everything, walking was easy again, good by shuffle, shuffle. The silence that only happens when it snows, the world holding her breath. I'm hoping for at least 10 cm / 4 inches. Yes, yes, yes I like this stuff, sure beats rain and freezing rain.
Well, that's more like it


  1. Beautiful...I can hear the silence in your photo. *Almost* makes me nostalgic for Quebec winters.

  2. that photograph looks like the edge of the universe - then I looked at google maps to locate you - you nearly are!! It must be an amazing place - have always wanted to visit Canada particularly Vancouver but would really like to do the journey across the country - maybe one day (a lottery ticket win!!)

  3. Images like this always seem like such a wonderland and magical to my eyes - it's nice for you to have your snow back!

  4. Hi Tracy, Love the Almost, the silence is amazing thought isn't it, a never forgotten moment. Hope you well and thriving in beautiful BC, time for a trip east soon?

    Hi Rosie, sometimes it feels like the edge of the universe, but in reality just a very small town about 1.25 hours from Montreal, I have the same dream, especially want to drive across the prairies, really want to experience the expanse and see the sky. Good luck on the lottery, someone has got to win.

    Thanks Fiona, I love winter when it's snowing, back to the magical childhood. So glad to hear you are enjoying NYC and winter is not imposing it's self to much on your time there. Go well.

  5. It is getting to be time for a trip east. Maybe in the summertime with two boys, two dogs, and a girlfriend. Or a dine-and-dash on my own in the spring.

  6. Tracy, you are a brave woman, tell me not by car. I remember car trips with 5 kids, 2 adults, a cat and a dog, shall we say they were memorable. However you come it will be great to see you.


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