Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Going Dotty

While last years final alphabet is not finished for A letter A Week; in fact it's still in it's various variations stage, this one is. Of course I haven't quite kept to the rules but I'm getting closer. With Damien Hirst in the news with his dot paintings, my mind went a bit wild and I thought of confetti, settled on waste dots from a punch press and started to play. All the dots live in the box and can be used to shape any letter or words you want. In the spring I hope to take them outside and have a trail of dotted letters or probably words through the woods, but for now here they are.
Dotty Alphabet with its' box of source material


  1. I just love this Liz - I am going to see Yayoi Kusama's exhibition at Tate Modern in Feb - I am pretty excited about it and can't believe she is 82! Dots rule!

  2. What fun! Keep on breaking the rules!

  3. Thanks Rosie, lucky you, sound great from here, Yayoi Kusama, Tate Modern, London... off to buy more lottery tickets.

    Hi Jennifer, can't seem to stop breaking the rules, not intentional , I'm telling people I've gone dotty.

  4. I love these little dots...art made in the office!

  5. Thanks Leslie, more recycling, I add all the shredded paper from the office to the compost so why not dots;on their way so to speak!


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