Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Signs

Just after the New Year I took a series of photos I called 'Signs for the New Year". Things  looked encouraging, it was a new year after all. When I went out late yesterday afternoon I noticed our road is having a tough winter. There has been so much ice and rain that the town workers have had to use a huge amount of salt, rendering the road almost white. And the asphalt is cracking and heaving everywhere. Great patterns though, and looking very blue, although that is probably due to the twilight.
Cracks in the road


  1. Had you not have said what the photos were of, I'd never have known that they were other than abstracts of some sort...which they are...just of the pavement sort. Wonderful!

  2. Thanks Jennifer, What a weird year, pavement looks like snow. Snow, what there is, is bullet proof as we say, the dirt roads are skating rinks. Think you found a new title for the series 'Abstracts, of the Pavement Sort.' It has a good feel.


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