Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Runs High

Yesterday J and I went to Sherbrooke to see a show of artists books at the Musée, and while the books were gorgeous and the craftsmanship exquisite, there was a decidedly off putting feel to it. All the books were in vitrines, very few open, in fact most had bands of clear plastic holding the pages tight together. I realize that things need to be protected but for me one of the things I most love about artists books and books in general, is the touching, the feel of the paper, the heft of the very book itself.  Pass me the white gloves please. This was more of an historical survey of bookmaking in Quebec from the 1970's on.

Across the parking lot at the Musée is one of my favorite places in Sherbrooke. The Magog river runs a gorge through the city, meeting up with  the Saint-François (St. Francis) river; and in spring or after a heavy rain it's quite dramatic.  Lots of mist and thundering water, and the city has built an elevated walkway beside it that must be several kilometers long. A great place to spend time.

Dramatic spring run-off

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