Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wishing You Deep Peace

Deep peace of the running water to you,

Deep peace of the flowing air to you,

Deep peace of the quiet earth to you,

Deep peace of the shining stars to you,

Stars and moon pour their healing light on you,

Deep peace of the light of the world to you.

A Gaelic Blessing

Thanks so much everyone for a wonder filled year, for the meeting of new friends, for joining me on the journey, for making me use spell check, which you may of noticed but have been far to polite to mention, I sometimes forget to use, for leaving comments, for making me laugh and think, for expanding my world in ways I never dreamed, and especially a huge thanks for providing a place for my work. So 
here is a toast to you all, with all best wishes for 2012.


  1. I feel blessed... it's been a great year in blogland. Thank you Liz.

  2. Beautifully said, Liz.
    Thank you for the beauty of your work and friendship. Happy 2012!

  3. And I just find you today, on the last day of this year, so I'll say "Here's to another wonder-filled year in 2012." Clink!

  4. Thank you Liz - and the same to you - and guess what, Google has fixed the comments posting problem - a great start to the NY - I can now leave my comments on your blog xoxoxo

  5. Really beautiful and touching - wishing you all of your words and many creative adventures in 2012 - how lovely to have met you!

  6. Thanks you Jo. It's a beauty isn't it, I have the words around my kitchen window.

    Thanks Anna, ditto for me.

    Welcome wholly jeanne, being dyslexic I read that as Holy Jeanne! thanks and Clink, and, as they say don't be a stranger.

    Noella, Thank-you and I am so glad Google has finally fixed the problem. Here's to comments...Clink

    Thanks Rosie, a very old favourite, thanks for the good wishes and I echo the sentiments, great to have met you.

  7. Dear Liz - I love that blessing; it holds true in so many ways. Wishing you a wonder-filled 2012; and many happy connections in the land of blog!

  8. Thanks so much Fiona. Here is to all the fine friends I have met, as you put it so well, in the land of blog. It certainly has been great meeting you!


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