Monday, December 12, 2011

Ordinary Light

The snow has stayed on the ground these last few days and the sun has shone making the light inside the house quite wondrous. There is a window on the back wall of the kitchen that we call the moon window, and because the light is so horizontal at this time of year, it shines in casting the most glorious light and shadow. It stopped me in my tracks yesterday morning. Later, when when I got out of the shower, light was illuminating the facet. I began to pay attention to the unexpected places that the light was finding. It also highlighted all the dust, but that's a job for another day.
Light and shadow from the moon window

Light under the facet

Light under my studio speakers


  1. Splendid! My favorite time of year in CT...and not for the weather, but for the winter. Once the leaves have fallen, the sun lights the house in wonderful ways. The best is when reflected off of snow. That's the only time that I don't have all the lights in the house on.

    More photos please!

  2. Hi Jennifer, glad to find another soul who agrees with me about the light at this time of year . Check out Altoon's blog, she has some gorgeous shots of our beautiful northern light.


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