Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fun With Christmas Lights

The sofa beckons but I am resisting; only because I have found a new way to play. Think I will call these Drawing With Lights. Should I warn you that you could be seeing a lot of these? I'll try and restrain myself.

Drawing with Light 4,

Drawing with light 2


  1. I don't know how you did it...and I don't want to know. They're magical! More please. No restraint needed.

  2. Liz these are beautiful. I love the blue one. Gorgeous :-) I think you should resist the sofa a little longer ;-)

  3. Very wonderful - please keep playing!

  4. Fantastic - I've done something a bit like this outside in nature by moving the camera at different speeds - have also used the technique of the light moving in the dark and a long exposure - are you using a similar process? you can see my blog for my entry for a drawing exhibition in January - Happy New Year Liz and many creative adventures in 2012

  5. Thanks Jennifer, Love the " no restraint needed", you're my kind of gal.

    Thanks Angela, I am still resisting the sofa,but there is a pack of peanut brittle from my stocking [I must have been a very good girl] that pairs wonderfully with new books, soon, soon.

    Thanks Fiona, I will, Play seems to be such an important ingredient of this art business.

    Thanks Rosie, Your technique sounds more sophisticated than mine. Basically I wave the camera around while keeping the shutter depressed. Simple, and I still have the manual to read!

    Happy New Year everyone and may 2012 be full of all the thing you love most.

  6. I love SIMPLE! I must say you get some stunning results - just returned here to look at these again 'in light' of your later ones!

  7. Thanks Rosie, I am all for simple especially if it works, and I have an ongoing drama with F stops, speed, ect. I get it for a while, a very short while, then I loose it again. Someday....


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