Monday, December 19, 2011

The Most Beautiful Sunrise

O.K. maybe a slight exaggeration but it was a beauty. Only a couple more days to the solstice. The light is so far south, the sun rising after 7 am, and with last nights' cold and a dusting of snow we watched the wonder unfold. Rubies, amethysts and emeralds sparkled in the snow. Feathery hoar frost coated the trees. The sun came up in all her glory. When I ventured out I found the frost had also made the most beautiful patterns on the pond.
Sunrise, Dec 18, 2011
Frost on pond Dec 18, 2011


  1. Gorgeous photos, what a fairyland!

  2. What a wonderful sight!
    How beautifully you "see" winter happening...
    What a treat for all of us to "view" the approach of solstice through your eyes!!!

  3. Peaceful photos, Have a great xmas Liz

  4. Thanks Denise, Matthew and Jo, it was a WOW sunrise, mind you, I haven't seen the sunrise since then, all is gray.

    Thanks Anna, What a lovely thing to say. I have a feeling that most Canadians are obsessed with weather and one of the things I love about living in the country is how the physicality of the land and weather inform my life. Somedays it feels more like dictate.

    Thanks David, all the very best to you and a may 2012 be a wonderfully creative year for you.


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