Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Cards

One of my rituals is to make our Christmas cards every year, and even with the event of email, Face book and all the rest of the virtual world I still want to keep in touch with friends that we never get a chance to see, but still are a part of our lives. I make them and John writes the notes or letters to that keep us connected. It's all very satisfying except when you realize it's Dec 8th and they need to get made, printed, written and in the mail. Thank god for Ah ha moments [ don't know how that should be spelled and can't find it in the dictionary]. So here is this years. I think you need to hold your phone up to the code and it will tell you what it means. Which in this case says  Everybody wake up! Open your eyes! Stand up! Be children of the light, strong, swift and sure of foot. Hurry, clouds from the four quarters of the universe. Come, big snows that water will be abundant this summer. All hearts be glad. Love Liz and John. The words are from a Pueblo Song. Love this grid. Wonder if will read if I print it in red.


  1. how unique, how original!
    how super lucky the recipients of this card!!!

  2. Very swish - I just did my first ever QR code read- thanks!

  3. Thanks Jennifer, try one yourself, here is the link.

    Annna, Thank you, I never realized you could have words in these codes. I am thinking of adding one to my business card which would take people directly to my web site.

    Hi Fiona, thanks for checking it out and glad to know it works. I still don't have a cell phone, hello Santa....


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