Friday, December 2, 2011

More Paper Shots

I can't believe I wrote that title. Yesterday I got a friend to use his nail gun on a book block to try and do my alphabet. We used finishing nail. Not pretty. What the title is referring to is my latest love affair which I am being most indiscreet about. Last year a friend moved into a new house and while she was waiting for the curtains to be installed, she covered the windows with white paper. Needless to say I was over there with my camera. Couldn't believe the soft, diffused light. Think we should call this decorating tip Minimal Curtains.


  1. Liz , it's a great way to change your decor to suite the season. Christmas wrapping, newspapers, crepe, toilet paper, kraft. Don't tell the insurance Co. Love Don

  2. Stunning - I'd be tempted to never actually put the curtains up! Lovely lovely light and shadows.

  3. Hi Don, Love the idea of Christmas wrapping, You go first and i 'llbe over to take photos. xoxox

    Thanks Matthew, me too, and loved the soft color, surprised too.

    Thanks Fiona, I'm with you, but my decorating style is even more minimal, no curtains at all, though when I saw this I was tempted.


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