Saturday, May 28, 2011

Re-Creating Magic

A couple of days ago I wrote of the impact my Gran's rock garden had on me; how it was a place of magic, of hidden treasures, and especially, climbing up the different stairways, a gateway to another, hidden world. As an adult I was shocked to realize that my "place" was about 30 feet from the front door and the parental unit could see everything I was doing. When I started this garden the first thing we built were the stairs, shifting now with their years and wearing their moss coats. There are now 7 staircases winding their way though out the garden and slowly I am re-building them with flat stone. Not as pretty as the field stone but much easier to navigate. Can't resist the photos with the ajuga [common bugleweed, you have to admit ajuga sounds better] a piercing blue when it flowers, and very welcome in this rainy weather. In the center photo are some of the hidden treasures, Buddha, peeking out of an astilbe in front of the For Sophia stone.
Mossy stairs in the studio garden with Buddha in the middle


  1. Liz I have really enjoyed ambling in your garden. It is a place of beauty, calm and peace and you must enjoy it so much.

  2. Hi Matthew, thanks and it is inviting, sometimes too as I look out the studio window.

    Hi Fiona, so glad you are enjoying ambling about the garden even if it is a virtual amble, go well.


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