Thursday, May 26, 2011


It's breezy this morning and the apple blossoms are floating about; not the only thing floating about as here it's pollen time. Everything is coasted with a soft yellow haze, so yesterday was time to wash the front porch. Not the most exciting job but someone has to do it, and I will spare you photos of the clean front porch; unlike December when I showed you my clean kitchen floor. On the pond though, the pollen makes beautiful patterns that change in front of your eyes. Looks like the milky way, worlds forming, swirling through space. And thinking about pollen I wanted to know if you have read a marvellous book by Michael Pollen called "Second Nature". Even if you are not a gardener, I think you would enjoy this as he attempts to follow Thoreau's example: do not impose your will upon the wilderness. It's one of my favourite books, a keeper and very funny.
Pollen on the pond


  1. A few years ago we had a very early hot spell and I went for a dip in the pond. When afterwards I was sneezing and sniffling and my eyes were aching I realized that I had swum through a layer of pollen.
    I love that Pollan book; it's full of wonderful essays on a variety of garden subjects.

  2. Hi Altoon, I sympathize, we thought about a swim a few days ago, looked at the pond and decided against, only Zoe went in. Have you read the other Pollen books? Loved his one on food and especially loved his one on building his writing cabin "A place of My Own".

  3. Yes, I've read several of Pollan's books, including the two recent ones on food, which are excellent; I haven't read "A Place of My Own" though.

  4. Think you would love it, If you can't find it let me know and if you want I can mail it down to you, Probably take about 6 years with Canada Post!

  5. Hi Matthew, your welcome , Pollen is a real treat, enjoy and cheers.


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