Monday, May 2, 2011

Pond Life

There is a wonderful rose called Rosa Carolina spreading itself around one side of the pond and every few years I prune out the deadwood. It's the only rose I know that likes it feet wet, and from a single plant many years ago, it has grown and spread. While I was working yesterday two large bull frogs kept me company, salamanders or newts were swimming about and the water beetles were drawing their patterns on the pond surface. There are clouds of frogs eggs and spring growth has the trees and shrubs wearing their halos. In the rose canes hanging over the edge of the water I found a last years nest. A home with a view.
Clouds of eggs
keeping me company
Well hello big boy
Nest with view


  1. There are masses of frog eggs on my pond also, and I was out there yesterday photographing them. Your pictures are wonderful.

  2. Hi Altoon, Thanks so much, I seem to spend a fair bit of time running back to the house for the camera. It is such an amazing time if the year, the tenderness of young growth, and if you don't move quickly it's gone 'till next year. Love your photo of the ancient and wise apple tree with it's skirt of daffs. Her body is magnificent.


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