Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rapturous Garden

Sorry about the title but I couldn't resist, as I took all the photos yesterday. Besides it's the place that we consider our piece of paradise. And the forget-me-nots have formed their sea of blue. From one seed pack they have given me years of pleasure. Never sure quite where they will be next year. You could say they have the travelling bug. I thought it would be fun to orient you in the garden as I tend to spend a lot of time in what I call the summer studio. First photo is looking north [ the photo in the previous blog is from the same place looking south-east] and just outside the kitchen door, where we have a table and chairs under a crab apple that my Mum gave us when we moved in 35 years ago. Her leaves turn that reddish burgundy as she finishes flowering. Below is the view north along my studio wall. We rebuilt our studios 16 years ago, well someone else built them, it just felt like we built them; and as you can see they became a berm. Earth surrounds them on 3 sides with the shed type roof giving us the extra height and light we need.The picture in the center, [you sort of have to squint,] shows the lower level of the studios. The chairs are just out side my studio door and there is a stone staircase leading back to the upper level where the last photo was taken. It's the same sea of blue along my studio wall but looking south
The Rapturous Garden, May 11.2011


  1. Hello Liz, have been 'lurking' in the background, and just 'reading' for a little while now, but I really couldn't resist commenting here... your garden is utterly, utterly beautiful!

  2. What beautiful gardens! Forget-me-nots remind me of my Mom...she was Alaskan and that is the state flower. They look like a painting elements as they appear here and there in your garden.

  3. Hi Kathryn, welcome and thanks so very much for the lovely compliment. Have to tell you I've been lurking about your blog too; I am such a bad speller that comments can take an hour to write as spell check tries to figure out what i'm trying to say.

    Hi Leslie, Thanks so very much and isn't it great what memories flowers and gardens hold for us. Love that forget-me-nots remind you of your Mother. For me, when I was a little girl I was a brownie and forget-me-nots was the"tribe" I belonged to. Loved sitting under the toad stool and my Mum was the "tawny owl".


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