Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Close to Finished

Well there are a few gentle waves which I hope to press out after the rain scheduled for Friday, add the last of the sand, after said rain has done it's compacting work, and voila, a new path. I was able to recycle all of the old path into the new; sand, bricks and geo textile, so that I only needed 3 more bags of sand and a load of stone dust [my favorite building material], and some new edging. Bought some really ugly plastic stuff but as I only need it for a few years before I pull it out, I went hunting and found some edging made of recycled material. I may not even have to take it out, it may dissolve like the recyclable garbage bags that disappear in 3 months. They work, we use them in the winter for compost. And as a reward for finally getting the job done we are off to the Atwater Market. Plant hunting.
New path with the outline of the old in the dark earth, adding sand, need to replace my gloves


  1. Hi Jennifer, sorry to be so long replying to your lovely comment. It got lost in Bloggers hissy fit or my messy inbox and I just found it . Think I need to get out of the garden and do some house cleaning on my inbox, probably should do some house cleaning too but knowing me probably not.


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