Friday, May 6, 2011


While the past few days have been miserable; cold and very wet, with snow on the mountains last night, the growth in the garden continues at an amazing pace. A few days ago the scilla were at their peak and when I went out this morning the rain had flattened them. I find I can't bear to miss a day in the garden, things happens so quickly. The budding on the trees and shrubs is creating auras and all the bones are soft and hazy. Views are being hidden as plants swell and burst forth. Last year my 2 older rhododendrons finally flowered. I hate it when you bring home something from the nursery and plant it and watch it sit there for the next 10 years, so with the rhodo's we have had many conversations over the years and it's gratifying to see that they have come about to my point of view.
Horse chestnut, tree peony, rhododendron, ferns

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