Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Chartreuse has become my new favourite color. For years I would ruthlessly cut of all the flowers on the Lady's Mantle as soon as they appeared, trying to banish that nasty color. Then I saw some amazing quilts done by Evelyn Lambert and began to rethink my aversion. The way she used the color made everything around sing. So slowly I began to work with it. Now I want it everywhere! Lady's Mantle [Alchemilla Mollis] has long been a staple in my garden and she is a prolific mother. The way the soft hair holds the water droplets on the edge of the leaves is one of the most beautiful sights that greets me on my morning tour. And it doesn’t have to be raindrops she will do the same thing with dew.  The alchemists, these early chemist and magicians believed that the dewdrops which gathered on the leaves of the lady’s mantle had some magical powers that could really help them in their ultimate quest for the philosopher's stone [maybe I should bottle it]. The hosta is August moon and is looking particularly fine as she unfurls her leaves.
Water droplets on the Lady's Mantle and Hosta August Moon


  1. Beautiful! Both your pictures and thoughts...

  2. Hi Anna, thanks so very much.Love it when people take the time to comment, especially so for such lovely comments.


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