Saturday, November 5, 2011

From My Notebook

Nov. 4.11. Some elements I want to incorporate into this alphabet. The old books I have been collecting because the paper is so beautiful and the text is usually so elegantly set up the page. I want to use the negative and positive shapes of each letter. The letters need a certain weight and mass, they want to occupy actual space, 3 d. space not just as marks on paper. Considering: after the letters are cut, wet the paper, free it a bit, maybe bind the letters before soaking them, use the spine of the book, what about the covers---  encase the letters in them in later? Buy more x-acto knives and emory boards at the $ store N.B. do another A without the slice in it, problem with the negative shape then, but figure it out later.
Trials on the letter A


  1. I wonder if this could be done with laser cutting. Don

  2. I want to comment intelligently, but my brain seems to have been struck dumb from how wonderfully graphic the photos are and is only capable of saying "Oh!". If this is you breaking the rules of A Letter a Week, please, please, please keep on breaking them!

  3. I am loving this already Liz and think whatever the outcome is it will be stunning! Continue to enjoy the play...

  4. Hi Don, that's what I'm thinking, will call you later this morning and get the name, again, the the folks you use.

    Thanks so much Jennifer, I gather you are another of the 'rule breaking society" Now that you have power again have a fine time in the studio.[breaking the rules, of course]

    Thanks Fiona, love the challenge you have set with ALAW and especially thanks for your patience re my tardy letters. Go well


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