Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Beauty

We have been having the most sublime November. Now, here in the Eastern Townships, November and sublime are not often used in the same sentence. Usually we spend our time complaining about the Gray and the lack of day light hours, the drizzle and even worst the freezing rain. This time around everyone is walking about with a smile, the smell of a BBQ drifts by, the terraces in the village are still open, it's bliss. In a ski town it is not politically correct to say, but I'm hoping this goes on 'till Christmas. The fire wood is stacked, the few precious plants are wrapped, the garden furniture put away, the 10 tonnes of duck manure is on the garden, the leaves are mulched, the double windows are on; we're ready. Just checked the weather forecast, snow tonight. Oh well, it's been great.
the last of the oak leaves

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