Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Day, Another Lesson

Spent most of yesterday drilling, and not for oil. I may have demolished John dremel. It wasn't too happy about what I wanted it to do. Clouds of smoke were rising from the book block, but the big drill, which I might add, weighs a tonne, held up to the job. The holes aren't as pretty and there are no scorch marks or the smell of burnt paper, but I was able to see if this idea works. It doesn't. But some more ideas came out of it so all is not lost.
Using John dremel, smoking paper
All drilled out
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  1. Appropriately- it's the Encyclopedia from
    A to Z. Nice. love, Don

  2. Dremels are pesky little creatures that make promises they just aren't big enough or tough enough to live up to...or so I've found. I'm on my 3rd...or maybe 4th.

    LOVE the hole affair!

  3. I'm loving this look even tho its not quite what you were after. There is so much experimenting, pushing, discovering, trying out some wishes in the pursuit F

  4. Thanks Don, Love the appropiately, maybe it should be called the appropiate alphabet, although I'm leaning to Jennifer and Rosie idea of The [W] Hole thing.

    Jennifer, thanks for telling me that you have also abused Dremels, JB was thrilled at the thought of a new one. The [W] Hole Alphabet has captured my fancy, thanks for the title.

    Thanks Fiona, as they say Press On, and in my case it's "Liz, get out of the way"

  5. I like your experiments. Have you tried a wood burning tool?

    1. I tried it rather unsuccessfully on this project. The studio smelled great but it couldn't cope with what I wanted.


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