Monday, November 28, 2011

After The Bath / Desperate Measures

After I had finished drilling the other night I soaked the alphabet in water and tied it up in desperation. I was giving it a bath. It needed to relax, probably I needed to relax. A friend, Rosie, [link here and here] talking about the [w] hole thing, quipped that the process was getting violent. She mentioned drowning, shooting. Mmmmn, she had a point. Things were not going the way I expected or hoped. Not being able to saw through the holes was a blow. It's still not totally dry but some of what has happened I love; the wrinkling and curling of the paper, the new texture of the paper [it feels so much thicker, more substantial]. I love the bound edge curling back on itself. In fact it's the paper, that has so much vitality and life, that intrigues and moves me. The holes give it the sense of braille, another form of an alphabet.
After a bath the bound alphabet

Opening the pages

View through the holes

Curling pages

Water meets binding

Folded pages


  1. fabulous!
    love the multiplicity of references
    and your photos...

    xox - eb.

  2. Have to admit that I thought you'd gone off the deep end there for a minute. Giving a book a bath? [W]holey moley! What an incredible idea that turned out to be. The texture, the curls, the aging, the photos... More please.

  3. Hi Liz,
    The images take you of into a dream space.

  4. Elizabeth, thanks so very much. I think the references are getting carried away , another friend suggested a nail gun, could be interesting.

    Jennifer, Thanks, your comment made me laugh and laugh,so double thanks.

    David, thanks, I have the feeling you are a poet as well as a painter.


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