Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

A few months ago I met a lovely man called James Lourie and as I was going through his website I found an essay called "Why I Paint". These clear and powerful words moved me to write to him and ask permission to use his words for a piece I was working on. As the work progressed it became obvious to me the form needed to be a book, and so  I tried several of the print on demand services. I was not happy with the results, and with much grinding of the teeth I am trying several new approaches. [stay turned for further news or more grinding of teeth depending on results] Meanwhile I thought you might enjoy a slide show of how I had hoped "Why I Paint" would look. You may recognize a very strong resemblance to a post last fall, and you would be right. This is where the photos of "Shades of White" led me.

Feb 28.11 have realized that some browsers do not like the slide show that I embedded below, so will try just adding a link to the album of photos of the book. Feedback would be gratefully received as I have a lot to lean about how different things work on Blogger, thanks.
Why I Paint
Why I Paint  link


  1. Such beautiful calm images Liz and matched so perfectly with the words. They are a special way of describing how painting enables him to be in the world, and how it matters so much to him. Just beautiful - best wishes for the publication.

  2. Beautiful match of text with the silent images.

  3. What a wonderful 'book'- the words ARE powerful and your quiet images are poetic.

  4. Hi Fiona, Erica and Donna, thanks so much for the lovely comments and support, and so glad you love Jim's words which I find so powerful. I love that it doesn't matter if you are an artist or a rocket scientist, it's how we approach our life that is important.


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