Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Need More Green

Yesterday was a taste of spring. The road was dry, the sun had enough strength to warm your back as we walked and I began to remember what the earth smells like. I wake up earlier, dawn starts her appearance about 6 am and I am eager to start my gardening year ritual; the early walk around the garden with a big mug of coffee and a cigarette. I am longing for green, for growth, so  that is why I put together photos of one of my favorite flowers, Queen Anne's Lace. Some consider her a weed, I think she is a beauty. The structure of her flower heads, the pattern of her leaves, the texture of the seed pods and did I mention she has a soft, honey fragrance; what is not to love.
Queen Anne's Lace
P.S. Spoke to soon, we had another foot of snow last night. More than the Great Blizzard but my path is getting there.


  1. Yes more green. Wunderful! I'm looking forward to the spring.
    Thank you Liz.

  2. Hi Ralf, are you still having a hard winter in Germany? I know it was lousy there around Christmas... like you can't wait for spring


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