Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Letter a Week

I never realized when I started this blog how many interesting, creative and fun people I would be meeting. In the maze of the Internet where one link leads to another, I find myself in unexpected places. Serendipity plays its part and so does synchronicity. A link took me to A letter A Week, but being very literal at times I took this to mean one had to write a letter a week. As my friends will attest I am one of the worlds worst letter writers. The few I have written are framed. Looking more carefully at the blog I realized this was about creating one letter from the alphabet every week. Ahh, this I like! Creating my own type had been a dream and now was the time. This one is based in my handwriting and the next one I think will be cut out of tin, or if I get really carried away, steel. Each letter will be able to stand on its' own, a continuation of She. Meanwhile I need to decide if I want the letters in this black and white alphabet to end up a long phrase that I will fold into an accordion book or do I put them in a grid. Any suggestions would be welcome.
a, b, c, d grid

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