Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waiting For The Storm

For the 1st time that I can remember, Environment Canada, our weather station has called for a blizzard, and so in honor of this occasion it's time to introduce you to a wonderful and vibrant artist, Linda Zacks, who I discovered recently. She has the perfect way to celebrate this kind of weather: make a blizzard font. Check out her website; I really enjoy her work especially her books and her type.
Blizzard font by Linda Zacks


  1. Hi Liz, this would work for our Letter a Week challenge.
    What is happening with the world's crazy weather? We have just had the 'worst ever' cyclone in Nth Queensland - everyone glued to TV sets.
    Take care.

  2. Hi Noela, the letter a week is a wonderful project, checked out 2010 and 2011 and love the work, well I love type as you know. This wonderful Blizzard font is not mine. It was made by an amazing woman called Linda Zacks. Check her out...I love her work, link to her website is in the post. Love the idea of a letter a week , how does one join, can one join?

    Like you kept checking the weather in Australia all day, seems amazing no loss of life, keep fingers crossed.

  3. what an amazing font-- so different... and so apt right now with half the country under snow.

  4. Hi Layers, it is a great font isn't it, I really enjoy her work, and her joy and zest in how she approaches life.


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