Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Shape of Wind

The wind picked up yesterday afternoon and the temperature dropped. You could barely see across the road for the snow whipping along in sheets. Even  Zoe didn't want a long walk. It was bitter, but this morning the wind had worked her magic on the snow. I love the shapes of the drifts, the sharp upper edge, the way the light and shadow play with the forms. Even in the areas without the drifts the wind has carved patterns like sand on a beach. It really is amazing.
Snow drifts and patterns


  1. what a joy exploring your blog.
    i'm delighting in the variety.

    i, too, am in an organizing mode -
    scanning decades' worth of negatives
    and slides -
    daunting to say the least.

    i'm also a lover of grids -
    i think you'll enjoy this project

    i've put a link to your blog on mine.

  2. Liz I love this collection of images - they are restful reminders of nature at work. Some seem majestic as tall desert dunes; some remind me of the minutiae we sometime miss.

  3. Oh, such beautiful forms, lines and undulations. I love the shadows at play on snowscapes. Wish we had snow here xoxoxo

  4. > Hi Magpie, Thanks for kind words, was off exploring your year of grids project. WOW, congrats, it's a feast and needs several visits to take in, so I be back.

    > Fiona, Thank-you, really glad you enjoyed this collection

    > Noela, Thank-you and any time you want to trade snow for sand I think we could work out a deal.


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