Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More Lovely Messy Charcoal

envelope |ˈenvəˌlōp; ˈänvə-|nouna flat paper container with a sealable flap, used to enclose a letter or document.covering or containing structure or layer the external envelope of the swimming pool.• the outer metal or glass housing of a vacuum tube, electric light, etc.• the structure within a balloon or nonrigid airship containing the gas.• Microbiology a membrane forming the outer layer of certain viruses.• Electronics a curve joining the successive peaks of a modulated wave.• Mathematics a curve or surface tangent to each of a family of curves or surfaces.• Astronomy the nebulous covering of the head of a comet; coma.
ORIGIN mid 16th cent. (in the sense [wrapper, enveloping layer] ): from French enveloppe, from envelopper ‘envelop.’ The sense [covering of a letter] dates from the early 18th cent.

I have a stack of glissine envelopes that I keep close, I don't know why but they have followed me about for over 20 years. They may be on a shelf beside the computer or downstairs in the studio. They are always around and they have never said what they want to do, or be, or become, or be filled with. Silent friends; very silent friends. 

Envelope #1, charcoal, 2013


  1. Hi Liz I have been watching quietly from the sidelines and enjoying your extraordinary explorations. This charcoal envelope is stunning - as are all the line drawings and connections...Happy to keep watching!

  2. Thanks so much Fiona, charcoal is just so lovely to work with. Love it deepness and mystery, how it leaves traces everywhere.


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