Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blue Tape

Sometimes I find these drawings more interesting with the tape on them, than when I remove it. Maybe because this particular tape was really sticky and lifted a lot of paper  but this drawing didn't work for me, so into the garbage it went. But when I looked at the photo I took before the tape came off, I was intrigued. The repeated V is such a strong graphic that I played some more.


  1. Well, why not keep the blue tape on? Like erasures, it can become another drawing element. I like it. And it wouldn't be the first time that what wasn't intended from the beginning became what one wanted wanted when it presented itself. I had a related experience with blue tape one while make a monotype. I liked how two small pieces of blue tape looked while using it to hold something down that I decided to ink the tape in the color of the tape and print it with other elements and called the piece, "Looks Like Blue Tape."

  2. Thanks Joan, I like what you say,[ and I love the title of your piece] so I have been playing with how to permanently attach the tape. Although I love the look of the corners as it starts to lift. Love the look of aged scotch tape as well.


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